Please be the eyes and ears of our congregation and call the church office with prayer requests.

Merciful God,

We pray for the church throughout the world, that all who bear the name of Christ may find true repentence for their sins and walk in the ways of peace.

We pray for the nations of the world, wherever there is poverty, war, or oppression of human spirit, that all people may repent of the evil they do to one another.

We pray for the planet Earth, God's gift to humankind, that we repent of selfish or thoughtless exploitation and tend it with care so that all may share justly in its bounty.

We pray for the leaders of the nations, that they may work for the common good of all people and repent of arrognt nationalism.

We pray for our enemies, that we may learn to love them with regard for God's compassion, forgiving wrongs and seeking reconciliation.

We pray for those who are sick or in trouble, for the defenseless, the weak, and the poor, that they may find help in their time of need, and that the church may heed their cry.

Loving God,

Hear the prayers of your people for the sake of our world.  With our prayers, accept the dedication of our lives that we may minister to the world in the name of Jesus, through whom we pray. Amen

(Feasting on the Word, Worship Companion)

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